my vision/dream

I have a vision and a dream for my business. I would like to see my art and massage business come together in the same place. I want to buy a building where I can Show and Create my art, and also have a couple rooms for my massage business. I would like to eventually expand my knowledge and expertise and create art in Resin, Oil and Watercolor.

I have many ideas for how to expand and create business for my Studio and hope to carve out some time soon to begin my quest.

1) I have already begun my attack on Instagram promotion and utilize

Instagram and Facebook to invite friends/family to my events.

2) I plan on posting more content on social media and doing live

paint sessions on a regular basis.

3) Networking using Uber and handing out business cards everywhere I


4) Purchasing posts on Instagram to promote my artwork.

5) Increase followers on Instagram to 25k.

6) Focus on Businesses to purchase my artwork.

This is definitely an adventure for me and I am loving every minute of it! I am super excited to create and sell my art as a living.


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